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Carpet Cleaning

No one cleans carpets more thoroughly. We use the industry’s most advanced carpet cleaning system, equipment and solutions and will restore your carpet to the clean, bright and fresh appearance it once had. The method we use is the only method recommended by the worlds largest carpet manufacturer (Shaw Industries) and the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA).

Carpets also hold onto Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC'S) dirt, dust and various chemicals which can be harmful to children, pets and adults. Thoroughly cleaned carpets release these substances providing a healthier environment for all. Sandpaper like grit is also removed during the clean which is the main cause of wear and tear.

A powerful industrial vacuum removes dry soils before a completely safe, biodegradable prespray is agitated deep into the carpet to break down soils and staining. The resulting residue is sucked out of the carpet using Hot Water Extraction which uses a very powerful vacuum along with jets of hot water. We will move the furniture and place back on protective feet where necessary to avoid problems with damp carpets. An optional carpet protector is then applied which resists soils and staining and, lastly, the carpet pile is speed dried and groomed where appropriate.


"A very good service recommended by a friend, the suite and carpet were cleaned and they did not disappoint, excellent work and will use again"

Mrs Billington (carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning Knutsford)

"We thought of replacing the carpets but Richard advised that they were worth cleaning and saved us a lot of money, a very worthwhile service which many people may not know about"

Mr Barrow (Carpet cleaning Wilmslow)

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Altrincham Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

covering Altrincham & surrounding areas

carpet cleaning Altrincham, Wilmslow, Knutsford 

0161 929 9695 for a FREE Quote!

"Very Reasonable Prices"

The Benefits of our Service

  • The best value cleaning in the area
  • Quick drying times
  • Safe for you and your pets – non toxic
  • Any scenario – domestic or commercial
  • The deepest clean possible
  • Turbo drying
  • No rapid re-soiling

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Includes

  • Pre vacuuming for loose soils and pet hair etc.
  • Furniture moved and foil tabs placed under feet
  • A full range of spot and stain treatments
  • Agitation of the carpet with a pile lifting machine
  • Tampico brush for upholstery
  • Rinsing with Hot Water Extraction to leave no residue
  • Turbo drying

Please call 0161 929 9695 and we will give you any advice you require and a FREE no obligation quotation.


"My carpets have been cleaned before by other firms on several occasions but I was always disappointed, however this time I am very happy, a huge difference, thank you"

Miss Wright (Carpet cleaning Altrincham)

"My job was turned down by 2 other firms but Abante provided the necessary and I am very pleased"

Mr Roscoe (Carpet cleaning Wilmslow)

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Areas Covered 

  • Carpet Cleaning Altrincham (including Hale, Bowdon, Timperley, Halebarns, Broadheath)
  • Carpet Cleaning Wilmslow
  • Carpet Cleaning Knutsford
  • Carpet Cleaning Lymm
  • Carpet Cleaning Sale, Trafford
  • & surrounding areas

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"Carpets get dirtier quicker after they have been cleaned!"

“the 3 main things that cause ‘rapid resoiling" are:-

1. Poor quality & cheap chemicals that leave fibres sticky, attracting dirt like glue.

ANSWER: Our Eco friendly cleaning solution is a natural free rinsing product which leaves no residue to attract soil after the clean.

2. Long drying times. When the carpet is so wet, dirt from your feet or your dogs paws are attracted to the damp fibres.

ANSWER: Part of the clean is the drying, although no real clean can guarantee total drying in minutes, with the extra powerful machinery and the enhanced drying fans your carpets are ready to walk on shortly afterwards.

3. Under powered cleaning. Low powered machines only penetrate the surface and don’t rinse out all of the dirt that is sat in the bottom of the carpet, the remaining soil lifts to the top in a short space of time and the carpet fibres look dull again.

ANSWER: We use a state of the art cleaning machine which was developed to clean thoroughly to the bottom of the carpet retrieving more dirt and leaving the fibres ‘fluffier’ and cleaner.