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"An excellent service, I didn't think it was possible to remove such staining and nothing was too much trouble "

Mr Tipton (Carpet Cleaning, Knutsford)

"Thankyou for all your hard work with the stains, the carpets and leather look great"

Mrs I Grant (Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, Wilmslow )

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Carpet Cleaning in Altrincham

& surrounding areas

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"Very Reasonable Prices"

We are often asked "do carpets get dirty quicker after they have been cleaned?"

This so called ‘rapid re-soiling’ is caused by the following:

1. Poor quality, cheap chemicals and shampoos leaving a sticky residue behind that attracts soil immediately. ANSWER: Our Eco friendly cleaning solution is a natural free rinsing product which leaves no residue to attract soil after the clean.

2. Long drying times which leave carpets wet and ready to attract soil from shoes and dogs paws. ANSWER: Part of the cleaning process involves drying, and although no deep clean can guarantee total drying in minutes, our extra powerful machinery and the enhanced drying fans leave your carpets ready to walk on shortly afterwards.

3. Under powered cleaning. Low powered machines only penetrate the surface and don’t rinse out all of the dirt that is sat in the bottom of the carpet, the remaining soil lifts to the top in a short space of time and the carpet fibres look dull again. ANSWER: We use state of the art cleaning equipment which was developed to clean thoroughly to the bottom of the carpet retrieving more dirt and leaving the fibres ‘fluffier’ and cleaner.

See FAQ and Misconceptions of Carpet Cleaning for other queries you may have here.

Areas Covered 

  • Carpet Cleaning Altrincham (including Hale, Bowdon, Timperley, Halebarns, Broadheath)
  • Carpet Cleaning Wilmslow
  • Carpet Cleaning Knutsford
  • Carpet Cleaning Lymm
  • Carpet Cleaning Sale, Trafford
  • & surrounding areas

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