Leather Cleaning 

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leather cleaningLeather needs to be well looked after to keep its finish. Many leather retailers state that this material is easy maintenance but this simply isn’t true. Leather needs to be regularly cleaned to prevent ingrained soiling occurring, leather also needs to receive moisture to stop it drying out and cracking.

However, certain leather products and baby wipes contain solvents which accelerate the aging process leading to rapid re-soiling and cracking. It is important to clean with the correct products. We use the very best leather restorative agents to clean and moisturise leather. A protective re-finishing treatment is advisable after the clean to further help prevent re-soiling, staining and cracking.

After the leather has been is restored we can show you how to perform easy regular maintenance cleans yourself.


Areas Covered 

  • Carpet Cleaning Altrincham (including Hale, Bowdon, Timperley, Halebarns, Broadheath)
  • Carpet Cleaning Wilmslow
  • Carpet Cleaning Knutsford
  • Carpet Cleaning Lymm
  • Carpet Cleaning Sale, Trafford
  • & surrounding areas

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